Annual Conference

16th Annual BBMS Conference in 2024

Saturday 16th of March 2024

Robinson College 

More information coming soon! Meanwhile please check out our previous conferences below as well as our current events!

Highlights From Past Conferences


Embrace the Future: What’s Achievable in the Next 10 Years?

This all-day conference boasted a distinguished cohort of speakers giving their insight into what may lay in store for us within the next decade, showing us a glimpse of the advances the future can hold. 

It would not have been possible if not for our speakers: Professor Peter John Barnes, Professor Giles Yeo, Professor Miranda Wolpert, Dr Robert Tensely, Dr Max Jacobs, Professor Vincent Mak, Dr Annie Ng, and Dr Mike Denis.


Spinning Biomedical Research Into Action

We warmly welcomed distinguished speakers including Gillian Leng (former Chief Executive of NICE), Michael Anstey (Cambridge Innovation Capital), Neelam Patel (CEO of MedCity and Non-Executive Director of the NHS Health Research Authority), Nitzan Rosenfeld (CRUK), Mark Kotter (BitBio),  Prashant Shah (o2h), Ala Alenazi (Ascension), David Fairen-Jimenez (University of Cambridge), Olivia Rossanese (Institute of Cancer Research), Jason Mellad (Start Codon), Mike Roddis (MJ Roddis Associates), Maximilian Jakobs (Deep Mirror), and Marcel Gehrung (Cyted).

Lessons learnt from the response to COVID-19 


The impact of big data on the future of Biomedical Science

For Panel 1: Lessons learnt from the response to COVID-19, speakers were Dame Sally Davis, Lord David Prior, Sir Mene Pangalos, and Dr Nicholas Matheson.

Panel 2: The impact of big data on the future of Biomedical Science had talks from Chris Wigley, Dr Jim Collins, Dr Indra Joshi, and Dr Robert Tansley. 



Speakers included Araceli Camargo, Dr Julian Huppert, Dr Nick Skaer, Professor Tuomas Knowles, David Fried, Dr Michael Thornton, Dr Martina di Simplicio, and Dr Dafydd Loughran.


Conference speaker Dr Ruchi Sharma’s talk was sponsored by camtech innovations. Other panel speakers were Dr Beth Thompson, Professor Ashley Moffett, Dr Ben Burwitz, Professor Mike English, Professor Sir John Gurdon, Dr Susannah Murphy, and Professor Quentin Pankhurst.


Speakers were Dr Anne Bertolotti, Dr Eliot Forster, Dr Sarah Chan, Professor Nick Loman, Magda Zwierzyna, Dr Matthew Sellwood, Professor Mary Hubert, and Professor Babak Ziaie.


Speakers included Dr. Clare Turnbull (The Institute of Cancer Research), Dr. Simon Warner (Oxitec), Dr. Selina Wray (ARUK), Dr. Shouleh Nikzad (NASA), Prof. Andrew Hayward (UCL), Dr. Tami Geiger (Tel Aviv University) and Prof. David Heymann (LSHTM)


Speakers were Professor Helen Rees, Professor Sir Michael Owen, Dr Andrew Mortlock, Professor Norman Maitland, Professor Gail Martin, Dr Leo Cheng, Dr Dawn Coverley, and Professor Lee Cronin. 


BBMS15 speakers were Professor Fàtima Bosch i Tubert, Professor Fabien Calvo, Dr Stephen Friend, Dr Thomas Insel, Professor Chris Lowe, Professor Joan Taylor, and Dr Billy Boyle.


The speakers consisted of 7 high profile speakers, and 3 student speakers. They were: Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Professor Dame Athene Donald, Professor Molly Stevens, Dr Helen Lee,  Professor Chris Abell, Professor Hugh Montgomery, and Professor Paolo Bianco.


The speakers for the 2012 conference included Professor Lindsey Davies, Dr Bernard Harris, Professor John Bell, Dr Robert Winter, Sir Salvador Moncada, Professor Dick Swaab and Sir Greg Winter.


The speakers were Dr James Watson, Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Sir Michael Marmot, Sir Alan Fersht, Professor Luke O’Neill, and Professor Ruth McKernan.


Conference speakers were Sir Tim Hunt, Dr Rebecca Fitzgerald, Professor Josef Penninger, Professor Anne Willis, Professor Geraint Rees, and Professor Helen Rees. 


2008 marked the first ever BBMS conference. It was possible due to the following people: Professor Peter Bossaerts, Dr Sarah Tabrizi, Professor Lucilla Poston, Professor Quentin Sattentau, Mr Jeremy Webb, Dr Mark Walport, Professor Joe Herbert, and Professor Paul. Chris Smith.